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I made this and I double the recipe. I fooled my daughter she ate it. That was great because she is a picky eater. I did, however put hickory BBQ sauce in it because I didn't like that it was still not dark enough. I didn't however fool my husband, but he kept asking what kind of meat is this. I would only say BBQ, because of my daughter was all ears. I think it was good. I don't think it quite taste like BBQ. My daughter loved it that is what counts. Thank you for a wonderful recipe. Chef#220151

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dakotah January 25, 2011

I already know this recipe is great, and I want to thank you for posting it. In the 1970's, Weight Watchers required its members to eat fish five times weekly, and for people on a small budget, tuna was the thing, and it still is. With the new SmartPoints, what was old is new again because fish is one of the leanest proteins out there, and members get satiety for a low number of SmartPoints. Somewhere in a collection from those old days, I have a Weight Watchers booklet, stained with spills and yellowed with age, that contains this recipe and others. When I find it again, I'll calculate the SmartPoints and see how it works. Thanks again!

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kathy30340 May 14, 2016

I have to admit that I was a little skeptical. I have a hard time imagining tuna and bbq sauce being compatible, but I fully enjoyed my sandwich. Obviously the texture could never be the same as pork or chicken and won't fool anyone that way, but the flavor might. I wish I hadn't added as much water, the mixture was pretty wet. I thought it might ooze out of the sandwich as I ate it, but I let it sit on the bun a couple minutes and it stayed put. Thanks for sharing this fun and lighter version of a bbq sandwich, I would make it again.

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Lucky in Bayview August 04, 2014

This was originally a Weight Watchers recipe, and I used to fix it all the time about 25-30 years ago. It was originally printed on those yellow recipe cards WW handed out, that had three or four recipes to the page....I always liked it because it really hid the tuna flavor, and had a good flavored BBQ sauce with it! Thank you for posting it--I've been looking for it.

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Cook4theFamily January 12, 2014

I had to tweak the recipe but I kept the general guideline of draining the tuna really well. I don't like so much vinegar and mustard. I will change that next time. I added sauted onions, green pepper and garlic. I added some catsup and regular BBQ sauce to get a good consistency. Flavor is great.

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thinkfirst August 23, 2012
BBQ Tuna (Tastes Like Pork--Really)