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Johnney's BBQ Sauce, this is the consummate recipe for BBQ Sauce! I used fresh whole tomatoes with about 5 large Red Pointed Peppers and added a sauteed onion I reduced that down to a lovely sauce then added the ingredients in the recipe. I used garlic which I put up in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, instead of the Tabasco Sauce I used Frank's Hot Sauce my DH's preference. Before simmering the sauce I put the sauce in my food processor about 3 cups at a time and pureed the sauce. I also added 1/2 pint of some Nectarine Jam and 1/8 cup of Rose Hip Syrup I had made then followed the cooking instructions exactly. I was a little tiny bit short for a full quart on the last quart jar so I added the remainder of the Apple Cider vinegar, a little bit more brown sugar and a dash of cloves and cooked in the pot with original directions that's why the one quart which is in front of the other two is darker. I was afraid to use the full 3 quarts of Apple Cider Vinegar so I only used 1 quart of Apple Cider Vinegar and I got 3 quarts of BBQ sauce but when I make Johnney's original recipe I won't be afraid anymore! I had looked for awhile for a BBQ sauce recipe and this one just stood out from all the rest this is absolutely the best I have ever tasted anywhere! It is such a complex taste it just dances in your mouth on each note. Thank you so much for posting Johnney, this recipe will go into my "Heirloom Recipe Book"!

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oilpatchjo September 17, 2011
BBQ Sauce