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I live in Cincinnati currently and I buy the bottled montgomery inn sauce regularly for shredded bbq chicken sandwiches. I was making the chicken last night and didn't realize until last minute I was out of my favorite sauce! Luckily I found this recipe for the copycat which saved the day. My husband said it was the best BBQ chicken I'd ever made and I will keep this recipe, it was great and I believe the original poster when he says this is the actual recipe. I didn't have the terragon vinegar, so instead I used 1 c. apple cider vinegar with 1 tsp dry terragon.

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shelyon January 10, 2011

I grew up 2 miles from Montgomery Inn and have been eating their ribs for over 30 years. This recipe is very very close. Now in Minn., I am very glad to have it. Do not forget to heat it before using.

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Binx Bolling April 15, 2010

This BBQ sauce is totally awesome on ribs! I kept brushing it on during grilling and the ribs rocked! Thank you!

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Amanda's Pantry! July 06, 2009

This works but if you add 1/2 cup molasses and 1 tsp Tamarind Soup Base Mix you have the Taste. The soup base is found at Asian food stores

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Whale1961 February 06, 2009

We moved about a year ago and depleted our stock of Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce. My Mom brings me bottles every now and then, and I had about 1/4 cup left when I found this recipe. I compared the taste to the sauce that remained in my bottle, and this recipe is so close to the real thing that I couldn't tell the difference. The sauce is easy to make and well worth the effort. Once you try this sauce, you'll never want any other.

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Sanzibar ;-) October 09, 2006

Sensational! I made this sauce yesterday to use on our ribs today. I don't have to actually have it on the ribs to be able to tell that this sauce is out of this world! I actually have a bottle of Montgomery Inn Barbeque sauce in my refrigerator so I was able to make the comparison. This sauce is every bit as good, if not better than the bottled (because this was made fresh!) : ) Having moved away from the Cinncinati area, I used to miss being able to go to Montgomery Inn for ribs. Being able to make this sauce at home is even better! Thanks so much for this recipe, Melody!! It's fantastic!!

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Bev July 02, 2006

Having not tasted this sauce before, I just halved the ingredients and followed the recipe. I received feedback that it was almost an identical taste to the original. I think it a great BBQ sauce.

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Elkaybee June 23, 2006

We order a case of Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce a year. I was out, and thought I'd try this. It is dynamite! Don't change a thing in the recipe. It's a dead ringer for the MI stuff.

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happyday49 February 05, 2005

In a side by side taste test of Montgomery Inn's Barbecue Sauce and this recipe-it's close but I wouldn't call it a "dead ringer." Here are some changes that were made using this recipe and adding some missing ingredients listed on the back of the barbecue sauce bottle. After 2 batches and a lot of tasting, it's impossible to tell the difference between the original Montgomery Inn's Barbecue Sauce and homemade:<br/><br/>Instead of regular Chili Powder, use Smoked Chili Powder<br/><br/>Add about 2 1/2 teaspoons of Tamarind (ethnic section in grocery store) to this recipe. In addition to the unique flavor that was missing, it gives it the exact color<br/><br/>Instead of Tarragon Vinegar, use white Vinegar and fresh chopped Tarragon<br/><br/>Mix 4 level tablespoons of Corn Starch with 1/2 cold water until smooth. After cooking time, strain the barbecue sauce twice so it is completely chunk free. Put it back on the heat and bring it to a boil then whisk in the Corn Starch water mixture, just to thicken it a little and give it the same consistency.<br/><br/>Since this is such a large batch, I canned the remainder. Making more for Holiday Gifts, it's a great sauce and after these additions from the ingredients listed on the bottle and slight changes, there is no difference!

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Janet K. October 08, 2013

Absolutely spot on in flavor. After moving here frim Ohio we were lost without Montgomery Inn sauce until we discovered this recipe! Better than any Ga bbq mop sauces!! Our friends here love it!!

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jenbuehler June 27, 2013
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