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I got this recipe off the internet. It is by Chris Schlesinger. When I use it I cut the salt way back & up the cayenne. Very good rub

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  1. Mix them all together and rub on whatever you are BBQing.
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I like the flavors in this rub! The chili powder and cumin give it a Mexican flair. I tried it with hamburger, I think next time I will try it on roasted potatoes! Thanks!

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Wow Toni, wow...this is one hot spice. I used it for my baby back pork ribs. I marinaded them in the fridge for 6 hours and baked them in the oven for 1 1/2 hours at 375 degrees. They were incredible, very flavourful. With lovely degrees of heat...layers of them...the heat lasted for about 10 time I will use a little sparingly...thanks so much for sharing...we really enjoyed this spice mixture.

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I tried this out today with both new zealand tenderloin steak and roasted potatoes (i got the idea from sharon) It was pretty tasty. Like she said it was more 'mexican' than bbq. i wonder if it could be changed up to be more bbq-y (new word). i did enjoy it though. the perfect amount of spiciness.