BBQ Pork Tenderloin in the Crock Pot

Total Time
8hrs 5mins
5 mins
8 hrs

I wanted to make BBQ pork tenderloin in the slow cooker, but not pulled pork. This worked out nicely so I thought I'd post the recipe so I can make it again. Hope you enjoy it too. This was easy to slice, though could have easily been shredded as well. Served with rice to put the extra sauce on, along with a veg (I used peas and carrots). I only cooked 1 pork tenderloin and had lots of sauce leftover so you might only want to double the sauce if you do 3 or more tenderloins I would guess?!?

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  1. Place the pork tenderloin into the crockpot.
  2. Mix all the remaining ingredients together and pour over top of the pork tenderloin.
  3. Cook on low for 8 hours.
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Super easy & with on-hand ingredients! Love it! I had one tenderloin so I made the recipe as written except I was out of soy sauce so I just left that out. The amount of sauce was perfect for the one tenderloin because in the end I shredded it (well, I touched it & it shredded itself. LOL), stirred it all together & then served it in flour tortillas with some roma tomato slices, Mexican 4-blend cheese, green onions & sour cream. Strange combination for BBQ, I know, but we were getting ready to watch football & wanted quick eats & easy cleanup! :D The flavor was outstanding & we spent the day drooling while it cooked. Definitely worth the wait! Thanks for sharing your creation, Babzy!

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Great recipe.....even my picky guys eat it! Good flavors! Thanks for sharing!

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Very Good! To add a little autumn flavor I added Apple Sauce and quartered an apple that I included in the crock pot. Left out some of the spicier ingredients. My mouth won't stop watering.