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Excellant! This is the perfect dinner for a hot summer night or anytime you want something light, quick and very easy to make. Lamb, blackened on the outside and juicy when sliced, topped with grilled mushroms that soak up the lemon garlic marinade, served on fresh salad greens. I made the recipe as directed using a piece of lamb cut from a rolled boneless roast and layered everything on rounds of fresh Greek flatbread. Thanks Jan (my lamb guru) for this simple,simply wonderful recipe!

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Lorac August 18, 2003

Had friends over and made this, only with lamb chops. I also used arugula spinach as the bed, and everything else to recipe. Very clean, and a wonderful recipe when entertaining. The chops made a gorgeous presentation. Thanks for a great recipe!

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ElvisPresley99 May 29, 2010
BBQ (grilled) Lamb and Mushrooms with Lemon