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This was so easy and absolutely delicious. I used my home made barbecue sauce and added a few spices, because I just can't cook a meal without using spices, lol. This was very filling, too. I was full before I was half way done.

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amm0424 August 11, 2014

I do not have a small grill in my apartment and so I modified the recipe a little. I mixed everything as stated and went sans foil and cooked it on mid to slightly above mid-range heat in the largest pan I had (around number 5.5-6.5 range on my electric stove and lined the pan with a little butter...you could go with butter or olive oil, maybe even go without (if desired and/or depending on if your pans are non-stick or those black teflon pans) so you don't add any unneeded calories...I decided to add a little butter so the potatoes had a slight bit of butter and just to make sure it truly didn't stick due to the BBQ, as I ran out of cooking spray and I thought oil would not go well with the other flavors. It took me about 15-25 minutes maybe a bit longer. I also in a smaller pan cooked some mushrooms, peppers and cucumbers, with a bit of vegetable oil. I put some pepper and salt on the chicken. I added some rosemary, sage and a bit of oregano to the veggies I was cooking seperately. It turned out better than it sounds like it would in the original recipe. I also added a tiny bit of 4-cheese to the top of the potatoes and chicken. (I have a feeling you may also be able to adjust tos to an oven casserole of roast in a glass pan, but I'm not sure of the cooking temperatures. Might also make a good slow roast chicken soup, but substitute the BBQ for chicken stock/broth and toss in the veggies I used in any amounts you may/may not want and maybe add some celery and carrots.)

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InaraSerraReynolds999 January 07, 2014

This has a good flavor and was quick and easy to make, however it stuck to the foil and the sauce burned. I cooked it on med-low and left it for 28 minutes (didn't open and check it). Next time I will use non-stick spray and try the foil bags; since they seal on the end rather than the top the packet can be flipped halfway through. Made for PRMR.

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AZPARZYCH May 16, 2011
BBQ Chicken & Potato Packets Aka BBQ Kisses