BBQ Chicken and Chipotle Salad

Total Time
20 mins
0 mins

This has to be the most requested recipe in my way-too-vast collection. It comes from Chiffonade Chef on the FC site, and she submitted it to Gourmet magazine some years ago. It was accepted and printed almost immediately. It's so easy, and so tasty, you will see why.

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  1. In a large bowl, whisk together BBQ sauce and mayo.
  2. Finely chop chipotle and whisk into dressing.
  3. Discard bones from chicken and cut meat into 1/2 inch pieces.
  4. Finely chop enough onion to measure 1/3 cup.
  5. Finely chop bell pepper and cilantro and add to dressing with chicken and onion.
  6. Combine well.
  7. Season salad with salt& pepper.
  8. Serve in lettuce cups with a nice crusty baguette.