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These were so good! I loved the marinade...it smelled very good on the stove. I used Corona beer, which gave the brats a light flavor. I served them with red onion, relish, different mustards, ketchup, and mayonnaise (I have a weird friend), with pasta salad and balsamic marinated grilled asparagus on the side. This was our first time making brats, and it went over very well! They all got eaten! Thanks for sharing such a tasty recipe!

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ChipotleChick March 24, 2003

These were delicious! I used chicken brats, which were lower in fat, but cooking them this way, they didn't suffer in taste at all! My husband is from Milwaukee and up there they like to BBQ brats by simmering them on the grill in the brew then browning them at the last- this is quite a lot like that. He quite approves, and was very happy to hear that I was cooking brats as part of the cookathon and I can say that with this recipe I made a very good choice! Thanks for a great recipe, Bergy!

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Sue Lau September 15, 2002

They did turn out nice, just not sure what flavour the beer brought the sausages as opposed to the flavour they already had.....It was just not obvious to me. They were tender and not greasy.

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skunk galloway June 19, 2006
BBQ Bratwurst in Beer