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I really liked this; husband didn't. I used the crockpot method with round steak and the full amt of liquid. I just thickened it w/a little Wondra flour before serving. In retrospect, if I had peeled and diced the potatoes, I think they might have dissolved and thickened the liquid on their own. ZWT6

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Debbie R. June 13, 2010

Tartie I LOVED your friends stew and thank you so much for sharing it with us! I did not peel the potatoes and used baby carrots that I rough chopped. Didnt think I had enough red wine so I added about 1/2 cup of beef broth. Ran out of caraway seed so I substituted celery seed but definitely use the caraway seed for that rich hearty flavor. Simmered this on the stove for 3 hours and the stew meat was so tender, potatoes and carrots had a great flavor, and the sauce was heaven. This is so much better then the stew I make! Made and reviewed for KC's Recipe Tag Game.

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lauralie41 September 11, 2010

I made this in the crock pot & had leftover rutabagas to use up so I diced those & threw them in with everything else. I didn't have the full 1/2 bottle of wine, more like 1/3, so I made up for what I drank.. er, I mean, what was missing ;), with some beef broth. I still should have cut back on the liquid, but after mashing the potatoes & rutabagas in the bowl, the consistency was perfect. :) I also added a few shreds of Jarlsberg cheese that I have to use up. Great flavor, FT! Thanks for posting. Made & enjoyed for ZWT-6 Team Xtra Hot Dishes!

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**Tinkerbell** June 29, 2010

Great!!! I used the crockpot method while we were at work, I switched it on just as I left and it was perfect after cooking for 9 hours and then being left on warm for a few. Made as directed, using 1/2 bottle of wine, per other reviewers comments, about 1/2 cup beef broth and 1 beef bullion cube in addition. I did stir some sour cream into the stew before serving. I was not sure to do that or put it on the side, but regardless it was great. I also used petite diced tomatoes to make it more appealing for DH who does not like large chunks of tomatoes! We served this with German Country Style Sourdough Rye Bread With Caraway Seeds for a lovely supper "A la Tart"! :) Thanks for posting! Made for The Queens of Quisine ZWT6!

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~SarahBeth~ May 27, 2010

Very, very good. When I went to the cupboard to get the paprika, I realized I was out of the authentic Hungarian paprika, so I had to use the everyday Spanish paprika. Because of that, I had to add a lot more herbs and salt/pepper. The Spanish just doesn't have the flavor of the Hungarian. I also added 1/2 tsp of cumin seeds in place of the caraway seeds. Other than that, I made as directed. Thanks for the recipe!

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HeatherN December 14, 2009

This is a very good recipe. After putting everything into my crockpot, it was filled almost to the brim. I used baby potatoes and had the veggies at the bottom and the meat on the top. Cooked on high for about 4 hours. No loss of liquid, in fact, it bubbled out. The wine smell and taste was overpowering (for me) on the first day but today is day three and it has toned down and tastes wonderful. Meat is tender. I might throw in a big red chilli pepper or two as I like some heat. I used half california red and Lambrusco.

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V'nut-Beyond Redemption February 24, 2009

A great meal. I used the crock pot method and served with noodles & sour cream. It is richly flavoured and easy to prepare. I, however, wouldn't say that it was distinctly German in flavour. I will make it again but I will be increasing the caraway seeds (and bruising them) as I found the flavour of 1 teaspoon of these got totally lost in the dish. Made for Aussie Recipe Swap #19.

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auntchelle August 19, 2008

I do not recommend this recipe at all. The flavor of the wine totally overpowered the flavor of the remaining ingredients. The only positive note is that the meat was very tender. I ended up going out for a hamburger later that night as this didn't make a very good dinner.

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Scorpion June 12, 2015

Fantastic! I just made a couple of changes because we like food very flavorful: I increased the Hungarian Paprika to 3 Tablespoons and coated the meat with it before browning. This was definitely a new family favorite!!!

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slivernois October 30, 2014

This stew was really easy and really delicious. The only change I made was I added a teaspoon of Better than Bouillion beef flavor to it, not sure why, but I did. I never needed to add more liquid and the consistency was perfect. I did have to simmer for about 4 hours, but that was because of the meat I used and it was passive time so it wasn't a problem. This was surely be made in my house again.

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twodrinkwaters October 19, 2014
Bayrischer Gulasch: German Goulash Stew - Crock Pot or Oven