Bayd Maslooq Ma'Kamoon

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15 mins
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Printed in the cookbook 'From the Land of Figs and Olives'. I also introduced a little bit of US Pacific Northwest to this recipe with the use of a very small amount of Salish smoked salt however the smoked salt is optional. Also, I dry roasted cumin seeds in a cast iron skillet and ground the seeds to a fine powder. A typical Moroccan street vendor food. Super easy!

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  1. I replaced one pinch of regular salt with Salish smoked salt.
  2. In a serving bowl mix together the salt and cumin powder.
  3. To Serve (2 ways): the hard boiled eggs whole accompanied by the bowl of salt and cumin or as we did the eggs were sliced in half and garnished with the cumin salt.
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loved this for breakfast

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I only made 4 eggs and let them chill before adding the seasoning. They were part of a cold dinner this evening along with cold Taktouka and purchased flat bread. These are tasty and while I love the concept of no mayo =less fat I find that in reality I prefer a little creaminess in the yolks. Thanks CG, I really enjoyed trying the recipe for ZWT 9. :D