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Okay, the final product tastes exactly like a pretzel. I was surprised how soft the rolls were though. I thought it would be more like a bagel (with the boil) but mine came out more like the texture of soft dinner rolls. I ended up splitting and toasting them for sandwiches.

I wouldn't recommend boiling/poaching them for more than 30 seconds each side. I did around a minute a side and the result was very messy and too acidic. The longer the boil, the more the baking soda water can soak into the rolls.

I did a fancy twist with my rolls and regretted it. Keep it a round shape so that there isn't a place for the baking soda bath to "settle" into. Once mine were done baking, I had several that I had to throw out because the divots of the twist were saturated with the baking soda bath and it made my eyes water when biting into them.

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PhoodPhight June 03, 2011

The metod seemed wrong, but I followed it step by step and the end product was amazing. Stick with the recipe and it will turn out wonderfully. Thanks for sharing.

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Kit_Kat March 09, 2011

Excellent recipe!! At first, it looked a little involved but these were a cinch to throw together; no kneading, how great is that?! These came out perfect - doughy, chewy, slightly acidic due to poaching in the baking soda bath. These were out of sight paired with my homemade margarita mix jelly. A !

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GoodnPlentiful February 04, 2011
Bavarian Pretzel Rolls