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Kate this bavarian cream is excellent! While cooking the milk and egg mixture it began to boil so I turned it down to simmer and it took 4 minutes to get the thin film on the bottom of the pan. Placed it in the refrigerator and after 30 minutes it wasnt thick yet so I left it in a bit longer. I did forget about while making supper and my mixture was set. Went ahead and broke it up and beat it smooth with a fork. Whipped the cream and slowly folked the two together. It was wonderful! So creamy and rich, nice custard flavor, and not overly sweet. I served the cream on the cake dessert cups topped with fresh strawberries. Cant wait to try using the cream with other desserts. Thank you sweetie for posting this recipe, will be making it again!

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lauralie41 May 06, 2008
Bavarian Cream