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I'm not a fan of breaded scallops so I dusted them with cornstarch seasoned with some salt and pepper. They came out GREAT. The sauce is also WONDERFUL and easy to put together. Thanks! *Made for Seasoned Sailor and his Sassy Sirens ZWT 6*

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Papa D 1946-2012 June 24, 2010

I cut this recipe down for just me. I love scallops, and just couldn't resist. I'm not used to thickly breaded scallops, so this was a bit odd for me. Scallops are so naturally delicious....used to just a light dusting of cornflour or a mix of cajun or old bay and a bit of flour. However, I have to say I did enjoy these very much. I did make the tartar sauce, but had to add a bit of dill pickle in addition to the capers to this. Made for a wonderful meal that took little time to make. Thanks for sharing! Made for ZWT8

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breezermom August 24, 2012

The scallops were a 1 star and the tartar 3. The tartar is good, a bit basic but a nice flavor. The scallops were a lot of work and in the end a messy disaster. We thought the coating tasted like a cross between pancakes and doughnuts, neither of which work with scallops. The batter came out very thick and I had to add more milk to get it to the point where I could coat the scallops. I used a deep fat fry thermometer and still the batter cooked so fast that if got very brown on the outside but the inside was still a bit moist. I tried adjusting the temp and it still didn't work . The texture was a bit like a pancake skin on scallops. They were inedible. Fortunately I cooked two small test batches so was able to save the rest of the scallops. Made for ZWT 8

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momaphet August 23, 2012
Battered Queenies With Tartar Sauce (Manx Scallops)