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This fried chicken is SOOOOOOOO GOOOD best I ever had Cant wait to make it again I just might make it weekly yummy

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respcarol_7053657 December 04, 2011

I agree that this is the best fried chicken because the skin is the crispiest that I have ever had without it being too hard. This is the only way I will fry my chicken from now on. With that being said, I didn't think it was the tasiest though. It seemed to lack flavor to me. In other words, it was somewhat bland to me. I am not sure if my husband brined it long enough or used enough salt for that matter because he hates to measure anything. So the salt may be right, but I definitlely thought that it needed some black pepper and garlic and or onion powder. I like somewhat of a spicy chicken so that may be the reason I thought it was bland. I will definitely try it again and find out if it was the recipe or my husband in regards to the salt it seemed to lack. I am pretty sure it was the latter though. Please try this because you will love the crispiness that's for sure.

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mizjmassie September 18, 2011
Batter-Fried Chicken from Cook's Illustrated