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I tried this the first time and it just didn't seem right, then I read a review on here saying don't mix the marshmallows with the chocolate when melting. The magic formula!! I tried it a second time and just melted the chocolate and poured over the dry ingredients and marshmallows. DELICIOUS!! This tastes SOOOO good - you have to try it. I actually saved the first batch that went wrong. It was just a load of crumbles, but would be good as a topping on dessert or ice cream and it still tasted pretty good, so I bagged it and froze it to use at a later date. Enjoy!

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reevesy November 01, 2009

I had to post this hopefully before others try it this weekend. DO NOT melt the marshmallows w/the chocolate and white choc chips! This turns the whole thing into a cake-play-doh concoction and you can't pour it over anything! In the THIRD batch I made, I just melted the chips and poured the melted chocolate over the dry things, marshmallows, raisins and pretzel pieces. Mixed it very rapidly and WOW what a wonderful treat. Doing it this way, I had no trouble getting it to stick. The heat from the chocolate sort of melted the marshmallows a bit, to make them good and gooey. After it was all mixed up I spread it on wax (parchment) paper and let it all cool. Then this morning, I broke it all up in random sized pieces and rolled it between my palms and VOILA! Bat Poop Crazy!!!! LOL :-) Oh, I also subbed butterscotch chips for the white chocolate. The store hubby went to for me after the first two batches flopped, didn't have white chocolate. (They tasted "Spook-tacular" with the butterscotch chips!) The butterscotch actually helped to give it a more "orange-y brown", more poop-like color! ;-) Update: These are not staying on the plate in my office. My co-workers are simultaneously all saying "Eeeew, bat poop?" and then you hear, "Mmmmmmm....do you have the recipe???" LOL!!! It's a hit! I'll be making another batch tonight for a party tomorrow. (I have some pics, but have to wait to get home to post.) Thanks so much for posting Tom&Candy!! :-) EDIT: I forgot to add, to be sure all your dry ingredients are in a HUGE bowl, so you can mix it all up without spilling pretzels and marshmallows over the side, for the chi dog on the floor to grab! :-) I used my biggest stainless bowl which is approx. 18" diameter.

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Ima Cookin' October 30, 2009

I followed this recipe exactly and it did not work as expected. It was very crumbly like kitty litter not bat poop. Under no circumstances would it stick together. Disappointed. I'm going to try to doctor it up so I don't have to throw it away.

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Pumpkin's Cookin' October 23, 2008

This was actually VERY tasty! Everyone thought the recipe would make for a great candy bar in fact as well! Because of the pretzels it does become a little dry when mixing, so we just added about 4-6 oz more of chocolate chips. I would make this again definitely! Disturbingly yummy!!

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vloravalentine January 12, 2010

I tried this recipe twice..... first was very crumblely... like others have said. so I put on my chef hat and took a look at the recipe, I though the ratio of chocolate to dry stuff was too high, also the chocolate mix was not hot enough when it was time to blend with pretzels and raisins. So I melted the marshmallows first with 2 Tbs butter, like I was making rice krispies. Then when that was hot I added just milk chocolate chips, and decreased the amount of dry stuff. It worked much better but I will not waste ingredients to try it again.... sorry but it wasn't that good.

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eg4cg October 29, 2009

I made this for my second grade class at the culmination of our bat week. They thought it was disgusting and they LOOOOVED it!!!

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Elliana's momma October 24, 2008

Our batch was mostly crumbles; however, it tasted good. Peanut butter would really be good in this.

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zangera October 24, 2008

Great recipe. Everyone thought this was such a great idea for Halloween.

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texasmom61 December 01, 2007
Bat Poop - for Halloween