Bastille Burger - Bearnaise, Blue Cheese and Red Onion Burgers

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 10 mins

A home-made burger with three of my favourite French elements included in the ingredients, Bearnaise sauce, French blue cheese and sliced red onions! I made these for a quick lunch on Bastille Day - 14th July, hence the name! I used our excellent local Charolaise beef, a salt marsh beef which is superb, with a good fat to muscle ratio, and a slight tang of herbs and salt. If you want to cut down on the carbs, just have this burger "Naked" without the bun! Likewise for low fat - omit the Bearnaise sauce and chop some fresh tarragon up and mix it with the minced/ground beef. I am not a great lover of commercial burgers, but I do like home-made burgers - and these are now a firm favourite with all my family & friends! This recipe is for 2 people - just increase the ingredients for more people.

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  1. Heat/light up your barbeque and allow the flames to die down.
  2. Season the beef with pepper, but NO salt - salt draws out the juices and toughens the meat! (You can add salt if you need it at the end.).
  3. With damp hands - shape the minced beef into two patties/burgers.
  4. Cook the burgers to your liking - remember to place your blue cheese on top of the burgers to melt just before serving; then toast the burger buns or French bread.
  5. Assemble your burger like so: bottom bun: lettuce, tomatoes, Bearnaise sauce and burger with melted blue cheese. Spread the Dijon mustard on the top bun, then place the onions and cornichons on top of the burger, with an extra dollop of Bearnaise sauce if you wish - then add the top bun.
  6. If making these for a crowd - have all the condiments and salad ingredients handy and on a platter - and people can help themselves, as soon as the burgers are cooked.
  7. You could fry your onion - but I like the taste of raw red onion in these burgers!
Most Helpful

These lrg grilled burgers made for a hearty burger meal using all the adds & we esp like blue cheese on a burger, so were happy campers. I admit to leaving off the 2 tbsp of bearnaise sauce for just 2 of us, but we didn't miss it. The Bastille certainly has gotten an undeserved rep throughout history if they ate this well! Thx for sharing this tasty recipe w/us. :-)

twissis July 31, 2007

What a unique burger!! Planning for this I had run to town to get blue cheese and a pkt of what should have been bearnaise... well I oopsied and bought hollandaise... so I had to make some bearnaise for this... I am glad I took the time to do so! My men really liked this burger, in fact my son ate two!!! Not sure how he did that as I made them so very huge...teenagers! My hubby called it the 'pound er rosa of burgers!' delicious! Thank you FT for creating such a nifty burger.

Marmie's September 28, 2009