Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 30 mins

If you're like me, you'll know the best part of the baked potato is the skin, which is why I like to spice mine up a bit. This is a really easy way to add a bit more flavour, and because potatoes are so versatile you can try all kinds of different spice combinations.

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  1. Mix the olive oil and spices together.
  2. Wash the potatoes and pierce the skin a few times with a fork.
  3. Smear the oil mixture over the potatoes, best done with a pastry brush.
  4. Place the potatoes on a baking tray, lined with foil, and bake as you normally would.
  5. I do mine in a 200 C fan oven for 30-40 minutes.
  6. Serve with lots of butter.


Most Helpful

Delicious! I'll never cook "plain" baked potatoes again. To go with grilled steaks I used just olive oil, salt, pepper and onion powder. DH loved these, and he's a connoisseur of potato skins! Thanks for posting this recipe.

Marion in Savannah December 26, 2009

These were great!!!! For the first time ever all the kids(5 of them) at the skin of their potatoes. They said that it was really good like this.

Queenofcamping July 25, 2007

This is my standard way of making baked taters for years. Without rubbing the skins with olive oil, the skins get too crunchy and hard to chew. I sometimes vary the spices used, for example tonight I used sea salt and Trader Joe's 21 Seasoning Salute. Use whatever spices you like! The Italian spices listed here are good, too. Just be careful to watch the potatoes because sometimes a bit of olive oil can leak out onto the bottom of your oven and smoke.

BerrySweet October 06, 2006

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