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Prep 15 mins
Cook 0 mins

From Rebar Cookbook, this is a very versatile vinaigrette that can be used on salads, as a marinade for grilled vegetables, or drizzled on a sandwich of artichokes, fresh tomato, lettuce, spanish onion, and fontina cheese on crusty italian bread - yum! For a vegan version, substitute maple syrup for the honey.

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  1. Combine all of the ingredients, except oil, in a food processor and blend. Slowly add olive oil in a slow, thin, stream, until creamy.
  2. Season to taste and serve, or refrigerate up to 3 days.
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Quite good! I added a little less salt (that's just me) and a little less oil, cuz I like to emphasize tang. And a touch less honey because I am devoid of the sweet touth, apparently. This is GREAT. Made for Veg'n Swap January 11, and ready to make again!

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Fabulous! Why is there so many dressing on store shelves? With recipes like this one so fresh, vibrant, no weird additives added! Controlling your own sodium! Make this and you won`t be disappointed. I sure wasn`t! Good healthy delish eats here! Thanks!

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DH is big on Italian dressing but I like to mix things up plus my basil plant is out of control...more like a basil bush! Anyway he really enjoyed this - creamy, tangy, and an interesting color!! We used maple syrup and it worked great! Thanks for a keeper Katzen!! Made for Veg*n Swap 28!!