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I would have given these 4 stars, DH wanted to given them 2 so we compromised with 3 stars in the end. I loved the pine nuts and the garlic additions to the sweet potatoes, DH liked that less so personal preference is Everything. If like me you are more of a sweet potato lover my guess is that you will like this. My only complaint was that the mixture was very soft so was rather hard to fry in the patty stage without them breaking apart or squishing up in a soft ball... apologies that the photos look a little oily, the daylight was fading quite literally into darkness as I took the photos so I didn't have time to dab them with papertowels at all ... I did do that later and they were not so greasy to eat. Please see my rating system: 3 stars for a recipe that will more suit people for whom sweet potatoes are already a favourite. Thanks!

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kiwidutch February 26, 2009
Basil Butter Sweet Potato Patties