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This is quite a nice recipe! I made it twice, the first time I followed the directions exactly. The next time I found that I did need to do a longer rise, to let the flavor develop (otherwise it was a bit bland, so I had to add a bit extra salt, too) and so that it would rise to a good height (whole wheat flour takes FOREVER to rise!). So all in all, I about doubled the rising time, added a little extra salt for some oomph and it was absolutely lovely! I used EVOO as well instead of regular vegetable oil and it was simply to die for!

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beky1204 September 25, 2010

I keep trying new whole wheat bread recipes and they've all been good, but this one is by far the easiest and so good. I like that it makes two loaves. I did add about a teaspoon of sugar to the yeast to proof it and also used 2 1/4 teaspoons of yeast. I didn't think 3/4 tsp would be enough. I always add about of tablespoon of vital wheat gluten for each loaf of bread to all my bread recipes. It helps the bread rise better and also acts as a preservative. Thanks for a great recipe. I will be making this often (I never buy store bought bread).

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Connie Lea May 16, 2010

This is an amazing recipe. I used extra yeast though. It makes a great basic loaf. Ive made it 3 times thus far. the last time I added some garlic salt, onion powder and basil. It was amazing.

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David A. July 04, 2015

This is a great basic bread recipe! I ended up adding 1T of honey, I let it rise twice 90 minutes each time and it was perfect!! Thank you ;)

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932ninja October 15, 2012

Wow, I wish I had found this recipe years ago. I've been making bread off and on for many years. The way I was taught was to use several different additives and dough conditioners. It had been a few years, and my mother had gifted me a few pounds of wheat kernels, but I didn't have all the various 'extra' ingredients, so I looked for a simple recipe. Well, after trying this recipe, I now see that the other ingredients were completely unnecessary. Here is how I altered the recipe. First, I upped the recipe to 5 cups of water and added the commensurate additional yeast, oil and salt. I used about a third of a cup of honey while blooming the yeast. I didn't knead this by hand. I have a good bread mixer and let it do the work. I also noticed that it was ready to be punched down in less than half an hour, and was ready for bread pans in less than 60 mins. Once in the pans, I let the loaves rise for about 30 mins before putting into the oven (next time I'll allow another 15-30 mins). This made three beautiful loaves. Check the pics I posted... yummy!

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Joseph Morabito August 26, 2012

By far the best and easiest wheat bread I've ever made! I melted butter & mixed it with honey to put on the crust foregoing the second cooking time... Fabulous!

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LanesLady May 30, 2012

Made recipe as written, this afternoon. Unfortunately, my bread didn't rise much. I went back over it to make sure I did nothing wrong, and realized that the lack of sugar, could be the problem. As I understand it yeast needs sugar to grow - even when you proof yeast, you use sugar..... so that's my guess. Of course it doesn't have to be plain white sugar, you could use honey, brown sugar, molasses etc. I think there's info on the yeast label. Since I think there is an error, I'm going to give it any stars, in hopes of not affecting their rating.

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lindieb March 31, 2012

Did the initial proof actually work for anybody? I got *no* response from the yeast. I ended up using a full packet of yeast, as others suggested (2 1/4 teaspoons) on my second try, from a different pack of 3 packets. That didn't do anything either. Both batches finally eventually started growing after I added a teaspoon of sugar. I was even measuring the temperature of my water, and keeping my oven at the recommended (measured) ambient temperature (always taking my stuff out of the oven when turning the element on). Is it possible to get an initial proof with just whole wheat flour in anything resembling a reasonable period of time? I used King Arthur Flour Whole Wheat Flour (the one they had at my grocery store).

After all that, I was afraid the dough would give me trouble rising, but it didn't. All right on schedule, about doubled in two hours, then again in about an hour. (In an ambient temperature around 80°.)

This is my first ever attempt at baking, so maybe I missed something, but it seemed pretty straight forward to me.

Is the photo with this recipe dark enough bread to actually be whole wheat? Mine is significantly darker.

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Darxus November 24, 2011

Thank you for the thorough instructions. This was my first time ever trying to bake bread. It came out very well, although I think I will increase the yeast next time. The first loaf was gone straight from the oven and the second loaf was lunch the next day!

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Mom2MMCJ July 11, 2011

Outstanding!! These directions are written very well and easy to follow. The bread turned out great, easy to slice, and soft yet dense on the inside. I did throw in some ground flax and I had some laying around from another recipe. We will be making this again & again...maybe adding in some agave or other add ins just to experiment. Thank a lot for this one!!

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Mindelicious July 29, 2010
Basic Whole Wheat Bread