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I am so happy I found this recipe! I love dals, but being european, I never felt confident enough to spice them on my own, thus sticking to a handful of well-liked recipes. - Your wonderful instruction already was and will be in future a great basis to work on my "own" dal creations. _ My first try was mung dal and 3 oz spinach (left out garlic)tempered with tomato onion baghar. YUM!! Thanks so much. :)

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Inge 1505 September 01, 2006

Yummy. I used the Cumin-Coriander Baghar Temper with lentils and it was sooo delicious with my adventurous addition of some garlic, onions and chopped spinach. The instructions confused me a little and I wasn't quite sure when to add the ingredients to the lentils, so I just precooked the lentils, then added them to the skillet after cooking the spices, onions and spinach. Then I covered the pan and turned the heat to low for just a few minutes more to blend all the flavors. I love the spices! Sure do wish I had some mango powder, but had to leave that out. Fay, I have always loved Indian cuisine, and now I can make something truly authentic and delicious...Thanks.

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Geema April 30, 2004
Basic Tempering for Dals