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This makes a fabulous loaf of bread! Easy and simple with wonderful results! I used my bread machine's dough cycle for the kneading. I mixed the melted butter (actually I used margarine), milk, salt and sugar together in a measuring cup and then added to my starter and gently stirred it well. Then I put the flour in my machine and turned it on and then gradually added the liquid. The ratio of liquid to flour is perfect! My dough was elastic and smooth. Then I placed the dough in my glass loaf pan that I had sprayed with Pam and covered it with a clean dish towel to rise. It took about 2 hours to rise about 1 1/2" about the rim of the pan. Then I baked it! There is no better aroma than baking bread! The loaf has a moist spongy center and a crusty outside. Perfect! Thanks, Donna M!

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SaraFish August 14, 2002

This is a wonderful recipe. I'd give it six stars if I could. I am a novice at sourdough, and I did the dough in my bread machine and baked it in the oven (ok..I am lazy). It was terrific, very moist and crusty and deleciously sour. Thanks for the recipe. I wlll definitely make it over and over again.

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Jan Marie August 25, 2002

I am so glad I caught you (or you caught me) online. I would have over-cooked it. 38 minutes and it's done...I got the heel! I couldn't wait for morning. It's beautiful...it's delicious...what else can I say! I know my husband's going to like this one too; it is very mild. Absolutely no yeast added and the texture is gorgeous. I baked it in a clear glass pyrex loaf pan. It has ever the slightest tang of sourdough (used the Red Sea sourdough starter)...ummm ummm ummm! Definitely a winner. Thanks Donna for sharing this!

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Cindy Lynn September 05, 2002

EXCELLENT, I don't have a bread machine, but didn't need one...omg, the AROMA that so filled the house, and then that was NOTHING...taste was truly WONDERFUL, Thank you Donna, I loved this and afraid we're now "hooked" on sourdough. But thank-you, nobody is complaining! Now I can't wait to try your other sourdough recipes!

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Teresa M September 05, 2002

Have made this bread several times and have found that it is even better when the dough sits in the fridge overnight (per the 'zaar sourdough forum). Also per the forum, I put a pan of water in the oven with the bread to keep it moist. Those two fantastic 'zaar tips make this bread the perfect loaf of sourdough. 06/01/10: The bread is still in the oven and the house smells yummy! Used the starter from Sourdough (Feed and Starter) #342270 to make the bread. It rose very quickly and looks just perfect. Thank you for posting!

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dogsandwoods June 18, 2010

This is an easy and Truly Awesome recipe that I would recommend to anyone. I am currently using Goldrush starter (www.Goldrushproducts.com). I've made it twice now, and the second time was the best. I got a full rise with it just like the photos. I attribute the last loaf's success to having fed my room-temperature, well-established, starter the night before and using it in the morning, while it was in the "building phase" (still expanding with bubbles visible). Also, I kneeded it by hand for a good 14 minutes, since I don't have a Kitchen Aid yet. The rising time for the loaf was about 7 hours to get the top 2" above the sides of the pan.<br/><br/>Thank you Donna, for this wonderful recipe. My Man came home from work to the smell of it cooking in the oven, and it put an instant broad smile on his face -- and he thought the first loaf was great... He raved about the second one!<br/><br/>Halfway through the cooking process, I sprayed the top with canola oil, and it resulted in a beautiful top crust as well.<br/><br/><br/>Mike

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Mike Marko June 11, 2014

This is a 10 STAR recipe right here! Followed the directions exactly, baking the bread for 40 minutes at the 350 degree stage. Next time I will only go with 30 to 35 minutes, for a little softer bottom crust. Now for the taste-It was the best bread I have ever tasted, and I cannot believe that lil old me made it! Thanks for the recipe, Donna.

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sloe cooker November 03, 2013

Well, I found out several very important things during this recipe.
#1 My starter is strong enough it does not need to sit overnight to raise anymore.
#2 My starter is definately SOUR now.
#3 This is THE best and MOST simple recipe for sourdough bread listed on the internet!!!
The simplicity is almost too scary!
I did everything exact per instructions; EXCEPT when patting to a 1" oval, I smeared softened butter (the real stuff)on BOTH sides of the dough, then rolled into a loaf.
Although my dough fell before baking (MY FAULT - overnight was too long to raise & I forgot to slash it!)
#4 End result - Nice size loaf, and 8 mini-loafs.
3 hours after taking out of oven...there is 1 mini-loaf, and 1/2 of large loaf left.
My mother, daughter, are here with me, and a friend just "happened" to stop by for morning coffee....after a chat last night that today was baking day....
Give this recipe a Lifetime Achievement Award! It will be a life time project here!

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GypsyWinds September 20, 2012

This is likable breads. Very simple to take. I give five star rating for this recipe. If possible i give more star.

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johnny78 May 17, 2012

This recipe has been making excellent bread for me. I am making it for the 4th time today. The first time, I followed the directions exactly, and actually forgot it in the oven while the loaf was rising (I leave it in the oven with the light on). I just punched it down & tried again, and it worked well. The second time, I tried it with the bread machine on the dough setting. I took it out to knead it by hand after the dough setting was complete, and finished it in a glass (pyrex) loaf dish sprayed with Olive Oil (store brand Pam-type spray) in the oven. Again, it worked well, and was delicious. The third time, I used the bread machine again, but this time used olive oil instead of butter. The olive oil worked great as a substitute. I just find it easier & hope that it's healthier to use than butter... Each time, the bread has been crusty & chewy on the outside, rises well, and is done nicely on the inside. As a side note, I found my starter on the internet -- the first time it failed, but I persisted, and next time, I kept it going for an entire week on the kitchen counter until it was nice & bubbly and had a sour dough smell to it. I covered it with press & seal with holes poked in it & fed it every day during the week.... Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. It has me HOOKED on baking sour dough bread now!

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Masalamama March 10, 2010
Basic Sourdough Bread