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We also add 1/2 a tsp. of salt and 1 tbsp. of oil in the dough while kneading. These meausrements are for the quantities of wheat flour and water you've given.

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Charishma_Ramchandani February 12, 2002

i don't have a gas stove, so to get them to puff up using just my skillet, after i flipped the chappatis over i pressed on them lightly with an oven mitt... the didn't puff up completely, but did form some air bubbles.

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pollen February 24, 2002

I like to add few changes for those who are interested in trying out Indian chappatis.

I usually buy the 'whole' wheat flour from Indian grocery stores. Obviously, you need salt to taste while mixing the flour. Also, you can add (2-3 tablespoons) of (canola/vegetable/melted butter) oil along with water. You can follow the steps as given in the recipe. The dough should not be sticky or too hard. At step 8, I usually make the small rolls with little bit of oil. The skillet at first needs to be hot - the only problem with the electric stove is it takes more time to heat up.
You can add just a couple of drops of oil or butter and lightly spread it on the skillet. I make my chappatis around 5 - 9 inches diameter. I use a pizza/party roller to make it even and thin (not too thin - but you can experiment). I put my chappati on the pan/skillet for a minute or two and when it is about to puff, I turn it over to other side and add just a spoon of oil/butter along the diameter and also spread it on top without breaking the puff. (If you think it is too much oil, you don't need it!). When it puffs up nicely, I turn it over again and cook it for a minute until it starts puffing. That's all! My first chappati never comes correctly because I use a non-stick pan and it is still not at the right temperature.

If you made it too thin, it will become too crisp - but if you like it that way its all good. I usually make it soft so I can use it with a side dish. If you leave it too long, it will be burned. There's also variations to regular chappatis, you can stuff some cooked veggies (smashed potato/cauliflower) while rolling out the chappatis. In this case, it will be thicker. If you have left over dough, you can store it in the refrigerator in a ziplock/plastic wrapper and if you want to use your refrigerated dough, you need to let it warm down to room temperature (usually takes 15-20 min). Wheat is a good option to the regular flour based-tortillas.

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Subs11 July 29, 2011

Although this is a recipe with good taste, I was disappointed that I didn't read it thoroughly. Unfortunately, I do not have a gas stove and my results were less than good. Oh, well, I am really glad I tried it. I got no puffing and I guess it turned out to be more like a tortilla. Good taste though. Update 2/19: I decided not having a gas stove wasn't going to keep me from enjoying this recipe. I added the salt and oil, made them smaller and cranked the heat to high. IT took around 2 minutes or so per side. SUCCESS!!! And it was worth the extra effort. Yum! Added stars to reflect my second attempt. I will definitely make these again, wondering if herbs could be added.

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TLu February 19, 2009

These worked well, even though I set off the smoke detector twice! The instructions were very clear; thank you! It was fun to knead and feel the gluten develop until the flour and water turned into a supple, stretchy dough. Rather than lift the heavy skillet off the stove, I just used two burners (I do have a gas stove), making sure to turn the second one on only for a few seconds to puff each roti, because the safety instructions that come with my stove are insistent that it is dangerous to have the flame on with nothing on top of it. If I were going to eat these plain, I'd say adding salt and oil would definitely be necessary, but for wrapping around food with salt and oil and spices in it, I kind of liked the simple whole wheat flavor.

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Nose July 03, 2005
Basic Rotis or Chappatis