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This buttery crust complemented our fresh blueberry pie wonderfully. The dough mixed up easily in the food processor--probably the easiest dough I've worked with. Thank you for sharing it, Roxygirl. It's from a very good cookbook. For several years, I've made blueberry crisps, but this crust is so good, I see myself making more blueberry pies in the future!

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rochsann May 25, 2009

Excellent! Quite possibly my favorite pie crust! Tender, flaky and buttery. Very easy to make and work with. I don't cook with shortening and really prefer a crust made with all butter. To me it just tastes better with both sweet and savory fillings. Used this for Fresh Strawberry Pie Fresh Strawberry Pie which I made for Easter dinner. Used these directions from Mean Chef's pie crust class for blind baking the crust: "Freeze the crust for at least 30 min. Heat the oven to 425°F. Line the frozen crust with a large piece of foil or crumpled up parchment paper, fill to the top with pie weights (or dried beans or rice), and bake 12 min. Remove the foil and weights and continue baking the shell until golden, about 8 min. longer, checking for bubbles (push them down gently with the back of a spoon)." The crust did puff up a bit, but was easily pressed back. Plenty of dough for a single deep dish crust and then some. Baked a few pie crust scraps for the kids (and me) with cinnamon sugar for a yummy treat. Thanks, Roxygirl, for a great recipe!

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LonghornMama April 16, 2006

my crust wasn't as good as the pictures , but these are great tasting crust Ü Thanks for sharing the recipe

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fawn512 January 22, 2006
Basic Pie Crust I