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I made these with my darling daughter who loves to cook. This were every easy to make because of the easy directions. We wanted them to look festive, so we made the coloured variation and Little Miss (DD) had fun because it was her job to add the colours. Making them with fun colours did make more work for me, but it was worth it to ear my girl giggle. Thanks so much Jubes for a lovely recipe.

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Chef floWer January 09, 2011

The is the same recipe as mine. I just wanted to say that these are a huge Christmas tradition in the Barossa. Bakeries make them, as do home cooks, and they are part of the Christmas table and/or hung on trees. Our family likes to sprinkle jelly crystals on them before baking. My mother alway made them in the initials of our family as well as in the traditional shapes. (Even when little we would be allowed to make our own.)

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auntchelle December 11, 2007

These meringues are great. Not only that the recipe is easy. But if you follow the instructions your meringues will be crisp and dry as they should be. I've "dried" them at 100 C for a hour and I kept the oven door slightly ajar all the time. I ltte them cool completely in the oven as suggested. And there are alot of variations possible. I have flavoured them with vanilla sugar and instead of white vinegar I have used in abatch lemon juice. I would like to use the meringues for a traditional christmas tree decoration and so I piped them in different shapes like circles, squares or triangles. Some I colored with food coloring, others I sprinkled with sugar granules.

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Thorsten December 02, 2007
Basic Meringues With Variations or a Large Pavlova