Basic Fried Rice - With Variations

READY IN: 55mins
Recipe by lazyme

Another recipe that I acquired from a Chinese cooking class that I took. This is a basic fried rice recipe, but has lots of optional ingredients that you can pick and choose to add to the rice.

Top Review by alvinakatz

I had to make this because I needed a new way to use my garden lettuce. Worked out great. I used baked tofu instead of meat and used a bit more of the sauce to compensate for the milder flavor of the tofu. I also used cucumber and mushrooms. <br/>Folding in the eggs made it fast, but there are no egg bits, if that is what you crave. I was fine without them.<br/>I was a bit confused about how much extras to put in. One cup of each category or one cup total? I went with 1 cup total (ok, a bit more since lettuce is primarily water).

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  1. Dice or shred meat and vegetables.
  2. Heat oil in wok; stir-fry green onions.
  3. Add fresh vegetables and stir-fry to soften.
  4. Add canned vegetables and meat; stir-fry to heat and blend flavors.
  5. Remove from wok.
  6. Heat some more oil if needed, to smoking.
  7. Add rice and heat through completely.
  8. Return vegetables and meat to wok, add soy sauce, salt, sugar and sherry.
  9. Fold in eggs and turn off heat just as they begin to set.
  10. SUGGESTED combinations:.
  11. beef, onions and green pepper.
  12. bacon, onions, lettuce and tomatoes.
  13. chicken, onions and bean sprouts.
  14. chicken, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and cucumber.

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