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I had a few issues with this bread, but it still turned out very well. I made it with the honey to try the original recipe. It tastes too sweet for me, so I'll omit it next time. Another issue with the dough was how sticky it turned out. I blamed it on the honey and just floured the dough more. I also used the regular yeast and it turned out very well. Overall a great recipe! One accident I did do was I had baked the bread with a casserole I had in the oven at the same time at 350. I left both in for about 30 minutes, then when the casserole was done turned it up to the 375 for ten or fifteen minutes. Gave me a fabulous crust! Thank you for the recipe, for sure a keeper!

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MesaLiketoCook March 07, 2012

This is a great bread but you do not need the honey. Where does this idea of sugar and honey in our bread come from?

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jacjones February 03, 2012

A wonderful dark bread that enjoys a nice slightly sweet flavor from the honey and turned out very light and tender. DH loved this bread and I loved how healthy this recipe is. I made as written using regular yeast and flax seed meal. This is a keeper that I will be making again, thanks for the post.

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Debbwl November 06, 2011

Love this recipe! Easy, Delicious, and HEALTHY!! My husband and I make this recipe every week and the two loaves that it yields is perfect for us. Thank you for sharing! Dianne

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Dianne R. September 15, 2014
Basic Flaxseed Bread (Flax Seed Bread)