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Fantastic mix! The butter flavor really comes through here. I thought I knew better so I tried the first batch with just letting the butter get soft. It was so hard to mix! The next batch I melted the butter like you said and it mixed wonderfully well together! This mix is so easy to do! I do not have a sifter so I just 'sifted' the ingredients through a fine mesh metal strainer into a bowl. Worked like a charm! I made this up so that I could use it to more easily make several different kinds of cookies to send to a soldier in Iraq! My family and friends were keep me baking because they keep eating them as fast as I could get them out of the oven! I finally got smart and made all the dough 'balls' at the same time and HID some in the freezer! hehehe They never thought to look there! They froze very well giving me both mix to whip up any time and frozen dough that I can just pop on a baking sheet! Fantastic! Thanks for an amazing mix Tish!

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Mama's Kitchen (Hope) November 17, 2008

I made this mix and had intended to keep it in the cupboard..It did not last a week, once one batch was done the kids wanted more..Great mix nice cookies that you can add anything you want to them..I have another container of the mix ready to go when I need it..Thanks for the great recipe.

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angelmate October 14, 2005
Basic Cookie Mix