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I just finished making and wrapping up 50 of these scrumptious treats for my mom's 60th birthday party. They are soo easy to make. First I tried to coat them with chocolate by dipping them, but I didn't like how the chocolate pooled at the bottom of the cup. I put the cooled truffles on a cookie rack with wax paper underneath. Then I poured chocolate on top, refrigerated it and then removed them from the rack. I loved how they turned out. The finished product fit perfectly into the boxes I made. Feel free to email me if you want the pattern.

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Nori M July 26, 2009

The taste is just right! I left the mixture overnight in the fridge and had to leave it out for 10-15 mins for the mixture to be soften enough to make a ball (this could be because I used heavy whipping cream instead of just whipping cream). I made the Kahlua version and could hardly scent the Kahlua. I will try adding a bit more next time.

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myoungp October 30, 2010

Delicious, easy. But you definately need a melon baller. :) these melt at the slightest hint of body temperature,so you have to use a utensil. We rolled ours in colored sugar, and cocoa powder.

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Retro Kali May 16, 2010

When my husband and I were in college, we did not have a lot of money to buy gifts for family. We decided homemade gifts would be nice. Well years later we are in a better place, and our family still asks for these truffles! We do white chocolate w/ irish creme, milk & dark chocolate w/ kahula, & dark chocolate w/ grand marnier. We do different dipping every year what ever we feel. I don't use bitter chocolate, we prefer more sweetness which is why I use dark, milk, & white.

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ransomhouse December 19, 2009

I had some truffles at a local sweet shoppe the other night for a freind's birthday and have been dreaming about them ever since so I thought I'd see how hard they were to make at home... I had no idea truffles were so easy to make!! I made these with all DARK CHOCOLATE... yum! The balling process got a little messy with me trying to remove the mixture from the teaspoon with my fingers so my husband suggested that I use my cookie scoop since I liked large truffles anyway (who doesn't!!). I did, but they were VERY large so I just cut them in half and smoothed the edges with my fingers and we had perfection! I added some red sprinkles on top after dipping in the melted chocolate for V-day and felt very artistic! Thank you so much for showing how versatile these are, I am really looking foward to trying many different varieties. (Dark chocolate center w/ milk chocolate outside, dark chocolate and peppermint center, milk chocolate and almond, Bailey's Irish Creame... I am SO excited!) UPDATE: I took these to a family gathering and they were a HUGE hit! My brother actually thought they were from a candy store. :)

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Motivated Mama February 08, 2009

The BEST truffles ever! I added liquor flavoring to some in a batch I made but personally I prefer the original recipe without any liquor flavoring (and I love liquor except not in these). If you decide to roll them in cocoa, do roll them in a cocoa and powdered sugar mixture like other reviewers have informed because this way the powdered coating isn't too bitter.

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SSX December 27, 2008

These are yummy. I made three batches in a double boiler, and mixed them all together in the end. (I probably wouldn't do that again.) I let it set in the fridge, but one of the batches separated--I'm not sure why. I scraped off the butter on top and made the truffles anyway. They're wonderful. (I used Grand Marnier... mmm...)

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anonymous23 December 12, 2008

What A great recipe, i had to try it twice because i actually cooked the chocolate mixture too long and it separated. So the second time once everything was close to being melted i took it off the heat and let it melt that way(and i had to quickly place it in a cooler bowl). The rolling was a little tough for me, i used a melon baller and hard a hard time removing the balls from the melon baller. i think a disher would be a better tool for this job and i am going to make it my business to hunt down one small enough for it. I used crushed pistachios, cocoa powder, and melted semisweet chocolate with some Godiva liquor mixed in, then drizzled with melted white chocolate.

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Xexe October 27, 2007

fabulous base to do whatever i wanted, i made rum, peppermint and coconut ones and put them in a piping bag and piped them into little foil patties that i lined with chocolate, they look like they have come from a chocolate shop, thanks for posting a very simple recipe, i left mine overnight and added the essences but next time i will definately add them when the mixture is just made. I made also with white chocolate and they were even more divine as i love white choc.

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aussie deb March 27, 2007

We made five different types of truffles for Valentine's Day this year, and this was our favorite recipe! We made one batch of the orange liqueur truffles and one of the kahlua truffles (with cashews added), using ghirardelli bittersweet chocolate. These were phenomenal. The truffle rolling was a bit difficult, but that was most likely due to our inexperience (we got better as we went along). Also, we rolled them in a 3/2 cocoa/icing sugar combination, instead of plain cocoa. Thanks so much for this recipe!

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Aunt Cookie February 12, 2007
Basic Chocolate Truffles (plus 4 variations)