Basic Chocolate Cake Mix-Vegan, Spelt

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

Mininum ingredients, easy to make and healthier than many oily cake mixes. I am posting this so that I can get the nutritional information. It makes a great vegan cake, brownie, muffins or pudding depending on what you add. For a denser fudge cake add up to one cup of dark chocolate chips. some other favourites of mine are 2/3 cup of chopped nuts, cherries, coconut etc. You can reduce the cocoa slightly for a less chocolately cake. Also you can use normal wheat flour. Without any oil it really does benefit from some chocolate chips. Another thing I like to do is make up the dry mix in batches and put it in jars in bags and then all I need to do is sift it into the wet mix or give the dry mix away as gifts in nice jars. It is also nicer the nice down and because of the moistness from the applesauce it keeps well, freezer and defrosts and heats up beautifully especially if making puddings.


  1. Combine the dry mix ingredients in a large bowl. Sift dry mix ingredients into the apple mixture and mix combine gently but thoroughly.
  2. For muffins ( 18 mins) and puddings(20 mins add 2/3C cherries + 1 cup of chocolate chips) it makes about 12 bake in a 190c oven, for mini cakes makes (about 50) bake in 190c oven for 15 minutes For a cake it takes about 40-60 mins at 180c but keep an eye on it., check for firmness and make sure a skewer comes out clean.
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Turned out great! I see it s modification of your muffin recipe canthelmyself. I use that every Monday by the way :) I used just cocoa powder. For my son's birthday party I am going to add vegan chocolate chips. Yesterday I used this to make carob muffins. I added carob powder and chips. I'm wondering if adding a little avocado would make it moister. Maybe half an avocado would be good? Now I am just searching for a soy free, dairy free icing :)

Lil_Mommy March 24, 2010

This cake is fantastic! It is as good as any chocolate cake I've tasted and contains no fat - amazing! I added the chocolate pieces and some cinnamon, not sure if the cinnamon added anything or not. I think the cake would be good with raisins.

smynard1 April 22, 2009