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I just tried this recipe and it was GREAT. I have spent many wasted hours on other recipes that made me feel that I was lacking but this one is defiantly a keeper. I did make a few minor changes however. In step four I tossed in some ramano cheese, dried oregano, and garlic powder. Also, I pre-baked the crust before I added my toppings but before doing so i placed string cheese around the edge of the crust and folded some of the dough over it while firmly pinching the crease. Then i used the prongs of a fork to score the seal and to further insure that it would not come undone while baking I brushed the seal with egg yolk. MMMMM talk about tasty cheese stuffed crust!!! As for the pizza sauce I found this wonderful sauce(Ultimate Pizza Sauce) that made me think I was in pizza heaven :)

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twistermonkey November 07, 2009

I use this one a lot! reason being , 13 years ago i was a baker. and i know you have to let your yeast blossom or bloom. and the best way to do that is w/ sugar. NOT SALT!! that will kill the blossom effect of the yeast. i know from experience. that will make you cry!!!if your as picky as me w/ food. i also like to add SHREEDED parmesan and garlic powder to the dough. that tastes great!! looks good too!

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TY@peace January 05, 2007

Delicious! Thanks for the post!!! :)

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Vamy January 06, 2007
Basic Cheese Pizza