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This is a very good white sourdough bread. I also used my bread machine on the dough cycle but DID NOT let it rise in the machine. Sourdough breads made with wild yeast...rise better if they are only raised once. (I used a wild yeast starter.) I removed the dough after the kneading stopped. (20 -30 min in most machines) Then I sprayed the dough with Pam, shaped it into a loaf and placed it into a large greased stonewear loaf pan, which I covered lightly with plastic wrap. I let the dough raise for about 3-4 hours and got a nice light texture as a result. It was done in 33 minutes. Thanks Sackville Girl.

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CarrolJ September 28, 2004

I used this recipe for my first try at sourdough bread. It came out perfectly and didn't last 30 minutes after my husband came home from work.

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Lucky Mama November 23, 2008

This came out great! I used my starter and some Bob's Red Mill white bread flour. Very tasty. It took about 35 minutes in the oven. Barbara

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PdxBarb August 10, 2007

This is an excellent loaf of bread! I let my bread machine do most of the work. Using the dough cycle, I placed the 3 cups of flour in first (I used all-purpose flour). Then I mixed the starter, olive oil, sugar and salt in a small bowl. I started the machine so the paddle was turning as I slowly poured the starter mixture in. The ratio of wet to dry ingredients is perfect, the dough is elastic and smooth and not too sticky to handle. After my machine was done with the dough, I turned it out on my board and kneaded it a bit more before putting it in my Pam'ed glass loaf pan. It took 40 minutes to bake to a light brown. The bread is moist, chewy and moderately dense in the middle with a wonderful thump-able crusty crust. Thanks, Friedel! I've uplaoded a picture too!

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SaraFish August 19, 2002
Basic but Beautiful Sourdough Bread