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I had some trouble with these. I think that the recipe is supposed to be more like a recipe for ployes (Arcadian buckwheat crepes). I thought the batter looked plenty thin for pancakes after adding 1 cup water, but I decided to be true to the recipe and add the 2 called for. This resulted in a thin batter and thin pancakes. I wanted pancakes though, not crepes- I added about 1/2+ cup kamut flour, which worked out fine. If I were to make this recipe again, I would make it with only half the water, because it really makes the pancakes too thin. I love the light flavor the applesauce gives these. I used real eggs instead of egg substitute. Next time I might substitute milk or soymilk for the water too, for a bit of extra richness. I used half cinnamon and half Baking Spice - copy cat Pampered chef Cinnamon Plus (#45672), which was good. After adding the extra flour these turned out well and I served with real maple syrup. Thanks for posting, I think this is a good recipe, but it needs a bit of tinkering to provide good buckwheat pancakes.

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Roosie July 23, 2004

These are great! For the flour, I used 2/3 cup unbleached all-purpose, 2/3 cup buckwheat, and 2/3 cup whole wheat. I used ensure and water instead of just water, and I put chopped fruit in some of the pancakes. Definitely make again!

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babysitter15 August 31, 2003

I love this recipe. I made a few changes though; ie: I put in a tablespoon of Splenda and use half milk and water. Oh and I added a cut up apple one time which was a very nice change. I still have trouble mixing it too much, like I do all pancake recipes. I can't bear to see lumps in the batter! but it turns out a little too chewy. Other than that it tastes great. Thanks for the recipe...signed,Judy

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Judy Pert January 01, 2003
Basic Buckwheat Pancakes