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I had never brined a chicken before and this was so quick and easy! We've done it several times, both grilling and oven roasting the chicken and it comes out great every time!. I did it per the recipe the first time but now I smash the garlic rather than slice it and I used 1/4 c of regular table salt rather than the kosher. I also only use 2 cups of water but then I added lots of ice to bring it up to 4 cups to cool it off faster. Next time I am going to sub 1 cup of apple juice. Thanks so much!

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mandymershon November 21, 2010

We love this brine!!! It's easy to put together and uses ingredients almost anyone would have in their pantry. I cut back a little on the salt since the first time I made it, my BF said it was a little salty. And he loves to salt everything on his plate!!! I love the thyme in this brine... really enhances the chicken, without overpowering it, like rosemary does in some brines. Making sure the chicken is completely dry is the key to nice crispy golden skin when baking... I like to brush a little olive oil on top and it always comes out golden and so delicious!!! Thanks for a keeper!!!

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atlfitgirl April 11, 2008

We used this to brine 4 large chicken breasts that we smoked using mesquite chips and our Smokenator. Even though we used boneless skinless breasts, this brine added wonderful flavor and kept the meat very moist. I will definitely use this again!

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under12parsecs July 17, 2011

I have never brined before but this was so perfect, and which I'll use again. 4 boneless chicken breasts, I used 4 pepper blend of peppercorns (black/white/green/rose), smashed garlic cloves (really good idea!), dry herbs, my own seasoned salt recipe (1/4 cup per other instructions), switched out 1/4 of sugar for Grade B Maple Syrup and 4-5 cups vegetable bouillon. So yummy!

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janet_fowler February 22, 2015

Great brine recipe. I used basil instead of thyme and cut the sugar to suit our taste and diet. After soaking the chickens overnight, we smoked them with apple chips in an electric smoker. Amazing!

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gaylasikes December 29, 2013

Last year, we tried this brine rather than our usual Thanksgiving turkey brine and it was very well received by the entire family. We soaked a 20 lb turkey in the brine overnight for about14 hours total. I had no problems with it being overly salty, but I learned from past experiences that you need to rinse out the cavity extremely well or it will wind up overly salty. After the bird is dried as good as we can get it, we oil it up and rub it down with spices and bake it in our electric roaster oven for 3 1/2 hours. It makes for a moist, delicious bird every time! We will be using this again for our turkey. Thanks for posting!

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PSU Lioness November 12, 2013

Fantastic! I did cut the salt in half and it was perfect for us. I made a 12 cup batch for a 5 pound roasting hen. Can't wait for Thanksgiving!

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Chef Jeff S November 05, 2012

Thanks for this recipe...it has made my husband the smoked chicken master among all our family and friends. The only thing I changed was using half the salt which suited our taste better.

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LuvBeinHere September 03, 2010

I've tried a number of brine recipes and this is my very favorite. The herbs impart just enough flavour without overwhelming the taste of the meat. I have used this both on thick pork chops and whole chickens. It is now my 'go to' brine! Thanks so much for posting.

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K9 Owned May 16, 2010

This was probably the best roasted chicken I have EVER had! I haven't ever tried brining chicken before roasting, but I won't ever roast again without! This was flavorful and moist and DELICIOUS!!!! I will probably use less salt next time as it was a bit saltier than I prefer...other than that....YUM!!!! Thanks for the recipe!

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sconehead March 22, 2010
Basic All Purpose Brine for Meats, Chicken, and Turkey