Basboosa- Haressa Semolina Cake

Recipe by sherazade

So many versions of this exist and I have tried them all.. This northern middleeast version (syria-lebanon-jordan) doesn't use eggs and so tastes less cake like. This is my favourite version and it is the classic one! I only use one heaped cup of coarse ground semolina, to make thin squares.

Top Review by fedahissa_13163109

Terrible recipe because the temp is too low. It did not cook at 200 degrees even after it was in oven for 40 minutes.

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  1. Make the syrup first. you can even make it hours before as it needs to be cool, or just make it directly before making the batter. Boil the water with the sugar for about 10 minutes till it is thick and syrup- like. turn off the heat, and add a just a squeeze of fresh lemon.
  2. In a bowl mix the semolina, yoghurt, sugar, baking powder and oil well. spread it onto a 9 by 12 inch approx baking dish or pyrex. place in a preheated oven at 200 degree farenheit for 30-40 minutes till solid (but not biscuit like).
  3. Cut it diagonally and then again to make little diagnoal squares. place a blanced almond on each shape.
  4. grill for about 3-4 minutes till the top is gold.
  5. pour the cool syrup over, should be absorbed.
  6. do not remove from the dish till it is cool as it will fall apart!

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