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Really liked the versatility and taste of this side dish -- served with steak filet Mignon, but could see it being a great side for a number of different main dishes (or a meal all by itself). Plus, it tasted even better the next day with leftover Italian Roast Pork Loin (another recipe from this site). Like other reviewers, I added mushrooms, but sauteed them separately with a little bit of butter, and also used homemade chicken stock. Next time, I might add some peas at the last minute, or perhaps sauteed fresh asparagus.

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CAFrogley March 04, 2013

Very good and I was delighted to have leftover portions in the freezer. This recipe has a mild flavor that combines well with most anything served either on it or on the side. Mine did take the full two hours to absorb all the liquid and soften appropriately. Only change I made was to use homemade broth rather than bouillon and water. Oh, and I added salt and pepper.

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sugarpea March 19, 2009

A real winner.We love rice and pearl barley but have never had a dish similar to this before. Happy to have left overs . Great flavor and by adding red pepper flakes to personal taste will suit all taste buds. A recipe that will be made often. Happy to have you as a team mate for Aus/NZ recipe swap#24

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Dotty2 January 06, 2009

WOW! I had never made barley before but wanted something different from the typical potatoes, rice, or noodles options so figured I would give it a try. I made it with a roast that wasn't going to have a gravy so I needed something that could stand alone. This worked perfect and because of the long cook time I was able to cook it right along with the roast so they were both done at the same time. The only change I made was to add some fresh sliced mushrooms. My daughter has decided barley is one of her new favorite sides.

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JPsBarbie October 05, 2008
Barley & Rice Pilaf from Company's Coming