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Barley is such a great grain and using it in a salad as this is a nice way to show people that it's good for more than just soup. I cooked my barley in my rice cooker - my preferred way to cook most grains. I modified the instructions a bit by putting in the barley and veggies in the bowl and the dressing ingredients in a smaller one. I was a bit worried about the soy sauce so started with a teaspoon and eventually added 1 1//2 tsp. - I found that to be quite sufficiently salty. I added little water to make up the difference in volume. After tasting the salad, I felt it needed just a little something, so added two chopped scallions, which went very well with the remaining ingredients. This will be a nice addition to my lunch tomorrow.

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duonyte August 05, 2012

I made this recipe as directed however I did use light soy sauce. The portions are very generous and everyone at our house loved this. I am making this for the second time to take for lunches, what a great healthy recipe

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DPar October 06, 2013
Barley and Edamame Salad (Ww)