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This has been a staple in our home for many years. As my kids are both picky we prefer splitting the recipe into 2 smaller pans~~ one with his current meat-of-the-week & the other w/ HER veg-of-the-month. Great to utilize seasonal produce!! I used to do the VEG version with raw diced but my daughter likes me to saute them to be EXTRA soft. blends more consistency of the sauce for her palate.<br/>Any leftovers freeze nicely wrapped in plastic/sealed in zipper bag portioned size.<br/>Even my teenagers will "bother" to re-heat in the micro without the "ewww!!Leftovers!!" angst.<br/>thanx for all the variation suggestions & ORIGINAL recipe ;)

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michelleanne67 November 26, 2014

I've used this recipe for years with great success. It is better than what is currently printed on the box. The eggs (omitted on the current box recipe) make it puff up nicely. I make my own sauce. And I use hot Italian sausage rather than ground beef. I agree that it needs to be covered during most of the cooking time. I do wish there was an indication of oz by volume or oz by weight: 4 cups (by volume) of shredded mozzarella weighs only 16 oz, which is confusing because cheese is sold by weight not volume.

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jim.liljegren September 01, 2014

This is the recipe that USED to be on the Barilla no-bake box. I used to make this quite often but hadn't done so for a year or two. I was surprised to find that the recipe Barilla gives on its box has changed considerably since I last made it. No more eggs in the recipe, for one thing, and the cooking time has been cut in half to just 25 minutes! I am going to try it the "new" way but I suspect it will take more than 25 minutes just to HEAT a 9 x 13 dish full of sauce, cheese, meat and noodles. Why do companies like Barilla insist on changing a recipe that was working GREAT before? The only trouble I used to have making this was keeping the layering straightened out...now, the "new" instructions are even more confusing. I suspect after today's batch, I'll go back to the "old" recipe!

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Eric K. July 16, 2014

I used a little more sauce that suggested and added other cheeses. So good!

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kjamsfamily February 26, 2014

this was one of the easiest, best tasting lasagnas I've ever made. This is a keeper for sure!

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Kendra in WI January 06, 2014

I found this recipe on the back of the Barilla box 5 yrs ago and have been making it ever since. I make it for parties, birthdays and at least once a month for dinner. Everyone thinks it's my secret recipe so I will keep them wondering how to make it so perfect like mine. LOL I also agree with the other reviewers to add more sauce. I even know the recipe by heart no need to look at the back of the box anymore.

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keylolo32 June 20, 2013

After years of being forced to go to my sister in law's apartment every Christmas Eve and having to eat her tired, dried out lasagna; I tried to make lasagna on my own. I made the boiled noodle version once and that was enough. I experimented a few times with no boil recipes, using various brands of lasagna noodles, never with any tasty success. I pretty much gave up making lasagna at all, and if I had a craving I got the Stouffer's frozen version.

This year I discovered this recipe and decided to try it for Christmas Eve dinner. First of all, the Barilla lasagna noodles make a HUGE difference (the box says "rolled flat like homemade"). They have a completely different consistency than any other brand I've used. They come in a small box, not what I was used to, so I bought two. But one little box does make a whole lasagna. This recipe is right on the box. I read all the reviews and per some suggestions, used some extra sauce. I was going to use one of the other suggestions to use extra ricotta, but I ended up using cream cheese instead. When I make this again, I think I'd use extra ricotta. I didn't use meat since we we're having a big prime rib for Christmas, but I did put in some fresh mushrooms. I put some Penzey pizza spices in the cheese mixture. My cooking time was a bit longer, but my oven is old and crappy. Definitely wait until the lasagna is "bubbly".

The recipe was a huge hit with my husband. If this is supposed to serve 12 - he ate 3-4 portions. He said I should make it all the time! He has never asked me to make lasagna again before! All in all this is a great recipe!

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MrMax December 25, 2012

This is the way I always make my lasagna (and I use any lasagna noodle :) When I was looking to show my daughter how to make her first lasagna so I found this one for her. She was able to put it together with no problem and got rave reviews. Thanks for posting it (since I'm a bit of a handful cook and it's nice to teach with a recipe!)

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Tish September 26, 2011

I modified this recipe a bit. I love veggies and meat so I used 1/2 green bell (only because I didn't have red), and chopped up some mushrooms, and used a different brand of sauce that I had on hand (fire-roasted garlic and red pepper) and I used only 1 tub of ricotta cheese, 8oz of Jimmy dean Italian sausage, 8oz lean ground beef, and some cream cheese (could sub. for strained cottage cheese). I had to open a jar a of Ragu, I could have used 2 tubs or mix Ricotta and cottage cheese (my preference) and we even could have even used all of the meat on a deep dish pan...but It turned out amazing...a fast version of my mom's homemade taste!

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angela2008 December 24, 2010

Ok, try these few changes and see what you think. Use Johnsonville hot sausage instead of ground beef it will give it a whole different flavor. Use 1/4 cup of grated cheese and omit the motzerella it will cut down on the salt. When you mix up your ragotta add some dry chives & ground black pepper.
I use to use another brand of no boil pasta, however when my store stop carrying it that is when I found the Barilla brand.

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Coffee Talk Girl November 12, 2010
Barilla No-Boil Lasagna