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I'm not going to rate this since I didn't try your recipe but wanted to pass on a hint to those who use the no boil noodles. The noodle are a great invention but I suggest using more sauce than you usually would in your traditional recipies and consider cooking your lasagna covered for at least half of your cooking time. The extra moisture will reduce the chewiness that can result by using the no boil noodles. Definitly a lot quicker than making the traditional way.

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Foofoo Sullivan January 20, 2010

I made this last week and it turned out great! I made two pans (8x8") instead of the 9x13". I cooked one and froze the other. The Barilla hotline instructions said to thaw in refrigerator 24 hours, then cook 2 hours. How convenient!

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audraQ October 04, 2005

I've been making this recipe for years and it truly is great as is .... BUT it is BETTER if you have a little extra to spend on it for a special occasion.

Use the ingredients as on the original recipe ... BUT I use a pound of lean ground beef PLUS a pound of mild italian sausage (cooking them together).

Drain the meat and mix it with the 2 cups of Mozarella called for in the layering process.

Add an additional 15 oz. Ricotta to the meat & Mozarella mixture.

Add an additional 1/2 jar of sauce.

Finally, since the Mozzarella is all in the meat mixture, top the casserole with 1 c. of fresh Parmesean.

No additional baking time is required.

It's really hearty and my husband loved it.

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iMichele August 24, 2012

I've used this recipe for a long time, using extra sauce, especially around the edges which carmelizes nicely, and using my meatball recipe for the meat. Barilla has changed the box recipe to something else so I'm glad someone put it on-line. As far as the recommendations to freeze it before baking, I have always baked the whole pan, then sliced up entrée-sized chunks to freeze for a quick microwave dinner. Never noticed a lack in quality from freezing and kind of feel it's a waste of electricity not to cook enough to freeze some for later.

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sharrn12l6 March 04, 2014

This is pretty good, but I must say it would be a better written recipe if the sauce amounts were better stated... you definitely need TWO jars of sauce! Just saying "sauce" doesn't help much when you're in the middle of the recipe, elbow-deep in ricotta. :) This is also a bit bland, I would defintiely say punch it up by adding some spices of your own, or using a good spicy italian sausage, some black pepper in the ricotta mix...something! Treat it like pizza, and make it your own. :)

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JBirren July 08, 2013

I love love love this pasta, and this recipe. I don't make it any other way now. A great tip: You can make a double batch, assemble the ingredients in the pan and freeze the extra pan before baking. Defrost it overnight when you're ready to cook, and bake according to directions. Comes out great!

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ladyblacksun May 26, 2011

I've tried several varieties of no-boil lasagna and have found Barilla to be the best of the lot, with Barilla the end product is exactly the same as the home rolled, and for sure much better than the uncooked classic lasagna noodles that if not attended to closely tend to shred.... Oh, the recipe was very good.

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Gianuzzu February 27, 2011

I have been using this recipe as a guide for years. I do make a few changes and additions. I cook a half pound of ground turkey seasoned with Italian Sausage Seasoning or a half pound lean Italian sausage then add in the sauce. The marinara sauce is 32 oz. I probably use about half the mozzarella cheese. The eggs, ricotta and parmesan cheeses are mixed together and a pinch of nutmeg added. To layer I put a small base of the meat sauce, noodles, ricotta mixture, sauce and a nice sprinkling of shredded mozzarella. I make 3 layers ending with noodles and meat sauce. This recipe works well with regular noodles as well as gluten free brown rice pasta noodles.

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PaulaG March 16, 2014

This is a great recipe! I usually just follow the recipe on the back of the box of noodles. (Especially helpful if I decide while at the store to make lasagna!) There's an alternate method of layering if you only have a 2-inch deep pan. (I think it's different than just illuminating one of the layers.)

My family's not wild about ricotta cheese, so we only use half the recommended amount (and only 1 egg.) For the meat, I use half ground beef and half ground (Original Bob Evans) sausage. And instead of straight parmesan cheese, I use half Romano cheese. Both these modifications add to the flavor of the whole dish.

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laurenleep February 22, 2012

This lasagna was easy to make and turned out great! I made for my mom's 80th birthday party and everyone really liked it. Thanks for posting.

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Chris from Kansas October 04, 2011
Barilla No-Boil Lasagna