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This stuff is so good we jokingly call it "Christmas Crack"?it's highly addictive. We got this recipe from a friend but we've made a couple of changes. First we use tin foil to line the bottom of the pan. The cracker, carmel mixture comes off the tin foil pretty easy. 2nd we use the Splenda Brown Sugar mix which cuts the calories in half. Also we use dark chocolate chips cause we just love dark chocolate so much. It's great!

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GoofyBoy November 30, 2013

O, this stuff is HORRIBLE. Horrible for your diet, your diabetes and your general lack of will power! You can not stay out of it! Rich, sweet and salty. My only reason for no 5 stars was the fact that wax paper sticks to the bottom and it took me 1/2 an hour to peel it off the stuff. All I did was eat every little piece that broke off in the process. As it thawed a little from being in the freezer it was a tad easier to get off.

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Kaylene Jaciuk December 23, 2012
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