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What a wonderful side dish these little pancakes are. The garlic and onion flavors were a perfect match for the mild zucchini. They fried up beautifully and were served with a very small dolop of sour cream. We enjoyed these very much, and they will be on my table again, especially in the summer when the squash are plentiful. Thanks, Barbara for sharing another of your wonderful recipes.

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Miss Annie February 15, 2003

I just wanted to thank you for putting this recipe on Food.com, my mom used to make these and so did I...my mom has passed away, and at my age I'm forgetting things..and I couldn't remember the amounts of the ingredients...Oh I've looked for years everywhere, including book stores and goodwill, because it's an older recipe...Bless you sooooo much you had the recipe and put it on here..A million times thank you....I'll be back to making it once a week...Happy New Year mine has started out early and will truly a good a good one...Thank you Barb, you made one person sooo happy with memories again....Regards, Sue Meeker

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Tngal333 December 26, 2012

Great little recipe.

I have made this 3x now. Once for me, once for a party and once for my neighbor.
I made it as is, and it is very good. Personally for me, it needed a bright color or flavor.

So, for me, I added fresh garlic each time, because I just am not fond of powdered garlic (just my tastes); but I added some fresh parsley and a little lemon zest. It was great

Another time, I again added fresh garlic; but I added parsley and just a little roasted red pepper, NOT much, just a bit for some color and a bit of sweetness.

The last time, I added fresh garlic again, chives and parsley.

So, all three are still very simple, but they are so good and easy. I had to up the Bisquick a bit, but that was my fault. My eggs were jumbo so I added a bit more zucchini and therefore more Bisquick. but I think one just needs to adjust if they need a bit more. They fry up very easy and quickly.

I served with a dollop of sour cream with fresh scallions (white and green parts) fine chopped. It was a great side dish. Definitely make again.

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SarasotaCook September 23, 2011

My husband and I really liked these. The kids however didn't care too much for them. They feel this way about most vegetables. I used red onion and added garlic salt instead of garlic powder. I served them with ranch dressing. I will definitely be making these again with our zucchini.

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Cooking Mom of 7 June 11, 2015

These were very good, and really easy! The only things I changed were to double the recipe (because I had extra zucchini), and I used dry minced onion flakes, instead of fresh onion. My husband liked them too, I think, which is always a plus! :) I served these with Gyro-style sandwiches. Thanks Barb, I'll keep this one for sure (good zucchini recipes are always nice to have)!

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Greeny4444 August 02, 2010
Barb's Zucchini Pancakes