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WOW....this is a wonderful recipe. I made this last night for my family and we loved it. DH went to the farmers market and brought home some okra and green peppers....hmmmmmm, sounds like gumbo to me...lol. I made your recipe and it had my house smelling so good. I did add chicken breast and andouille (sp?) sausage along with the shrimp. We loved it. The only thing I would do differently is use chicken thighs instead of the breasts....I just think it would hold up better, other then that the recipe is the best! Thank you so much for sharing this with us.....we LOVED it.

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mommyoffour August 19, 2010

This was great! I made it with chicken (browned cut up chicken breast before adding to the final 30 minute simmer) but found that meat is the last thing needed. The broth and vegetables are terrific over rice. Even my husband found himself eating around the meat, not because it was not tasty, but because the vegetables were soooo good. We like things a bit spicy so I upped the tabasco to 1 1/2 teaspoons. It left a great taste in your mouth after eating. Thanks so much for the recipe!

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EnjoyingLife November 22, 2009

Real good, Barb! The reoux was perfect! The penny technique was helpful! I added about 4 oz. of tomato paste in addition to the tomatoes - I like my gumbo kinda "tomatoey". I left out the cumin, and double up on the Tabasco (mmmm...) Recipe was easy easy easy...To get a really good flavor, and to soften the veggies completely - I simmered for like two hours. YUM. This goes in my cookbook!! I used chicken and shrimp, and added it according to Barb's directions, and it was perfect!

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Jeanene_in_Annapolis May 02, 2010

Flavorful and easy. I put in shrimp and some beef smoked sausage and had some chicken left over....threw it all in. I left out the pepper sauce, as you call it, because I have young children. My husband can add his own if he needs it. Thank you!

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marisa February 17, 2015

This was a great recipe! I used sausage and shrimp, with fresh corn cut from the cob and fresh okra from the garden. We took it to church potluck and even though there was so much good food...this was a hit! Several thanked me for making it! Definitely a keeper...Thanks, Barb!

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tsthomas October 26, 2014

This turned out great for a first try at gumbo. Loved the flavors together with all the veggies and meat. I used a small amount of chicken, 1/2 lb. shrimp and 1/2 lb. kielbasa. DH had three servings so don't have much left over.

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adopt a greyhound June 19, 2014

I can't believe I'm going to do what I hate most about reviews. Say how much I love it and then how much I changed It. I didn't change much. I wanted to make a bigger quantity so I did half cup ea oil and flour and 4 cups chicken stock. I left out thyme and basil. Added thinly sliced turkey sausage (kind that looks like andouille) when adding veggies (no green peppers). Later added some cooked cut up chicken breast and before serving added shrimp and cooked <br/>another 20 - 30 min. It was soo good.. Will make again.

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shells75 October 30, 2013

I tried another recipe and struck-out big time, so I was a little scared to try again. The reviews convinced me this might be different. I used shrimp and changed nothing from the recipe (except I'm really sorry, but I didn't have any okra, so I used some edamame, yes I know it was a bad substitution, but I didn't have anything else!). But regardless, it STILL came out amazing and my husband couldn't stop raving about the flavors....told me this was a keeper! Thanks Barb!!!

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LA's Mom February 13, 2013

This was the easiest gumbo recipe but the best I have ever made. I followed the recipe exactly but added kielbasa sausage during the last 30 minutes. A must try!

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Jenawalters January 08, 2013

I wanted to re-review this recipe. I have made it numerous times and it is always delicious! This past Friday, I made it with 20 oz. of Pederson's Andouille sausage and it was fantastic!! I realize that this is not the gumbo that natives of Louisiana would probably claim. However, for the time involved, it is a hearty, tasty, and filling meal. The sausage version did come out a bit greasy. I was able to skim off a good amount of grease after it sat in the fridge overnight. Being Roman Catholic, I think the shrimp version will be one of our Friday Lenten meals. Barb, thank you again for the recipe! It is a keeper!!

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Rose is Rose December 26, 2012
Barb's Gumbo