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For taste, this gets 5*, but because I had some issues, I had to downgrade a little. I'm thinking I must have used the wrong biscuits (I only found 12 oz, 10 ct or 16.3 oz, 8 ct; I used the second one) because they were huge and puffed up a LOT. I also had enough meat for at least two (maybe 2 1/2) cans of biscuits. I didn't use quite all of the onion and the cheese wasn't listed in the ingredients so I used what I had on hand (a Mexican blend) and just as much as looked good. I used my favorite hickory bbq sauce and liked the way the basil tasted with the sauce. I did not microwave the biscuits at all before putting them into the tins. I think this recipe has promise and with some minor adjustments (or clearer ingredients) I would certainly make it again.

Update: I had so much beef left over that I froze it until I had a chance to make more baskets and this time used a 12 oz, 10 ct can of biscuits (and I still have enough beef for another 1/2 can of biscuits) and sharp cheddar cheese. The smaller biscuits made more reasonable sized baskets, which I enjoyed more. Thanks for sharing and good luck in the contest!

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flower7 May 28, 2011
Barbeque Beef in Biscuit Baskets