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My step-son, daughter, and I are the only ones in my house who LOVE limas. My husband, step-daughter, and son will eat them but like to fuss about it. This recipe sure hushed them up. I used half pepper-jack cheese and half plain mj cheese because I wasn't sure how hot it would be. I have to be careful when cooking for the kids. That was just right for us. The bacon was a big plus that added to the barbecued flavor. All six of us thought this was worth 5-stars. We thank you.

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ratherbeswimmin' March 28, 2003

Excellent! Neither of our families served lima beans. The few times I tried them, I liked the taste but not the texture or the tough skins. Rita's recipes have been so wonderful that I thought I would give those lima's another chance. I made the recipe as directed and was having second thoughts about the taste before putting it in the oven. Two hours later, spicy BBQ flavored tender beans. The only problem was the recipe didn't specify whether to cover the casserole or not. After 45 minutes uncovered, the dish was getting too dry. I added 1/2 cup of water and a cover. Thanks Rita, we now love lima beans!

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Lorac October 05, 2003

These were great! I had extra frozen baby limas in the freezer that I wanted to use up, so I picked this recipe. We are both lima bean fans (though as a kid I didn't like them all that much). I used veggie bacon (4 slices) as well as a few drops of liquid smoke, reduced oil to 1 teaspoon, used only 1 cup of pepper jack and 2 tablespoons brown sugar. I did not cover and experienced no dryness (did not preheat oven either, maybe that was why). Easy to make, you'll just need a spare 2 hours for baking. Smokey BBQ flavor was quite nice! Thanks Rita.

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Kumquat the Cat's friend August 28, 2006

These got rave reviews at a pot luck! How can you go wrong with bacon?

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pahennon April 14, 2010

Oh dear. This just didn't fly in our house. Don't know what went wrong but ours ended up in the trash (waste of good bacon :(. ) Also, we weren't quite sure what to do w/ the frozen limas--put in frozen? thaw first? Don't think it says... I really wanted to like these, but they just weren't a hit.

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firealarmqueen August 31, 2009

I am a big fan of lima beans but only my oldest son is as well. So I halved this recipe and they were yummy! We loved every bite. Made for ZWT4 for the Tastebud Tickling Travellers.

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Lainey6605 June 17, 2008

Awesome...I could not stop eating them! They were so good! I was not sure at first how this was going to taste as the ingredients just did not seem to be suited to lima beans - oh heavens was I was wrong or what. I cooked everything in a cast iron pot on the burner and then threw the rest of the ingredients into the pot and put it in the oven... super fast and hardly any clean up! Thanks Rita!

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NcMysteryShopper April 25, 2006

I thought these beans were so good! I enjoyed the barbequed taste and ate way more than I should of! Thanks for a great recipe. Oh, I used a mixture of cheddar and jack cheese and added a few chopped jalapeno rings!

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Sharon123 February 24, 2003

These were very good!I think this would also work well with butter beans,pork and beans,or even great northern beans!I did not add the bacon and only used about half the jalapeno cheese and it was still plenty hot!I will try this again with another type of bean!Thanks for a versitile bean dish that was very good.

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Theresa P February 23, 2003
Barbecued Lima Beans Baked