Barbecued Cabbage

Recipe by KelBel

From Paula Deen on the Food TV. I'm not a big fan of cabbage, but this one is pretty good.

Top Review by Beverly292

I saw Paula make this on t.v. and was coming here to post, but of course it was already here! The taste of this was excellent. I love cooking on the grill and this made a perfect side dish. I do think next time I would boil the cabbage for a little longer as when it was done, it was still a little bit hard for me in the middle, but then I like my cabbage really cooked .

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  1. Parboil whole cabbage for 20 minutes. Drain and cool.
  2. Meanwhile, Add bacon and onion to skillet and cook until just beginning to brown (about 3 to 5 minutes). Drain bacon and onion in a strainer over a bowl and reserve the drippings.
  3. Crumble a piece of aluminum foil into a ring about 3-inches in diameter.
  4. Cut the core out of the cabbage about 3-inches down towards the center and in a circle about 3-inches in diameter.
  5. Add the bacon and onion mixture to the barbecue sauce. Prop the cabbage upright on the aluminum foil ring (cavity facing upright).
  6. Place the bacon and onion mixture into the cavity along with the butter. Brush the outside of the cabbage with the remaining reserved bacon drippings and season the cabbage with salt, pepper and garlic. Have the grill set to medium heat and place aluminum foil ring and cabbage on top of grill.
  7. Cover and grill the cabbage until tender. When it's done it will be easy to pierce with skewer, roughly 20-30 minutes.
  8. To serve, peel off any of the charred outer leaves and discard. Cut the cabbage into wedges and serve.
  9. Note: has her using a raw cabbage and cooking on the grill for 1 1/2 hours. On her show, she tells you to parboil the cabbage as in the directions above.

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