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Mille® ™ I made this last night for my boyfriend. I know you hate reviews that start out with that sentance but I don't eat seafood so I am basing my review on his comments/reaction. :o) When I asked him how many stars he would give it, he said 4. Knowing him like I know him, that means 5 stars! (He does movie reviews @ netflix.com and has NEVER given a 5. It takes ALOT for him to give 4) Anywhooo, he said that it was "really good" and that the flavors were very light and accented to salmon very well. It wasn't overpowering like some flavors can be. I used a salmon filet, fresh parsley and fresh dill. I mixed everything up, put it on the salmon and wrapped everything in plastic wrap. I then put it in the ice box for about an hour while I did the prep work for the rest of our dinner. Then Dan grilled it over charcoal for about 11 minutes. I think he was surprised at how good it was! Next time I am going to make extra and use it on chicken for me! Thanks for a great recipe that allows me to make such a yummy, healthy meal for my honey.

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Malriah May 26, 2003

This is a classic way to cook salmon on the grill. Always good, never fails. If you have issues like me with the fish falling appart and ending up on the charcoal, wrap the salmon in aluminum/tin foil loosely but with a good seal. Poke a few holes in the top. No need to flip with this method. If you have capers, throw some of those in to, they add a nice saltyness :-)

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AKSandy June 23, 2010
Barbecued Blarney Salmon