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Prep 5 mins
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When I lived in Kansas City, Mo I worked in a Barbecue restaurant and this rub looked about like what we used there. That rub was out of this world. Update 4/21/05: Denise! asked what restaurant it was I worked at. I believe it was called Mr. G's and it was in Independence.


  1. Combine all ingredients and use as a rub for any barbecue meats.
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I used this on boneless sirloin steaks and then grilled them. EVERYONE, including my daughter who HATES steak, loved it! I quartered the recipe just in case we did not care for it, but I see that was a mistake :) I "rubbed" about 4 lbs. of steak and still have some left. This was much easier than marinating and the flavor is subtle, but delicious. You can definately taste the cayenne...adds a bit of heat, but not TOO much. Thank you for posting...I will be trying this on ribs next!

Karen=^..^= July 14, 2002

This is absolutely the best barbecue dry rub I have found to so far! What I like about it so much that it has a Wonderful taste and seems to make the meat really tender and keeps it juicy. This recipe actually reminds me of an Emeril Live show in the fact that this recipe tastes “kicked up a notch” that it’s so good. To start with I made it just as the recipe said and it was really good, definitely a 5 star recipe in quality, maybe just a bit saltier than we like, and just slightly more sweeter than we’d ideally like, just our personal preference. I really love it that it seems to bring out the best of the flavor of whatever meat you use it on. What I’ve found through trial and error has worked best for us is to use1/3 cup less sugar (1-2/3 cups sugar), and half the salt (1/4 cup). For those who like more salt (like my husband, I don’t) you can always add more salt later. My very favorite thing to use it on is the frozen 4 lb. re-sealable bags of frozen chicken wings. I take the chicken wings out of the freezer, put them on the “auto defrost” cycle on the microwave just long enough to get them partially thawed, which makes them wet enough for the dry rub to cling to the chicken. Then I put the dry rub (not the whole recipe, probably about ½ to 3/4 of it) in the bag with the chicken, seal it, and shake it to coat all the wings. Then I let the wings marinate in the dry rub overnight. The wings are partially thawed so it ”looks” like there’s about a whole bottle of barbecue sauce on the wings, which the liquid helps it marinate. Then the leftover dry rub I like to sprinkle on the chicken when grilling on the barbecue (if I think it needs more dry rub); if it doesn’t then I store the “extra” for the next time I need a great barbecue rub. This recipe also works well in the oven. We do eat a lot of onions, and like the onion flavor in a barbecue sauce, so sometimes I add a tsp. of onion powder to the basic recipe. Bottom line, all in all, this is one of our very favorite recipes, and I’d recommend it highly, as we use it often, especially in the summer when it’s nice weather to grill. out ;)

Teresa M May 13, 2005

Very simple to make, and very good results. Especially good with pork chops. Don't be afraid to really coat the meat!!!

Matthew Dufresne August 23, 2002

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