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I used Sweet Baby Rays bbq sauce to make this recipe. Loved the flavor of the cheese and bacon along with the sauce. Made for one delicious meal. We really enjoyed! Thanks Moosey!

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idaframe May 29, 2008

This recipe is OUTSTANDING!!! I baked them instead of grilling them and they turned out perfectly. We loved the oooey gooey cheese and the bacon gave the chicken breasts a great flavor. Topped with the BBQ sauce and you have a meal that will please everyone. Thanks for ANOTHER great recipe, Mooseybear.

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Merlot March 31, 2007

Thanks for sharing Mooseybear. I baked ours in the oven, 30 minutes per side. The breasts were wonderful. It did take a little time to prepare, but boy was it worth it. I used sharp cheddar. I followed your instructions and skinned & deboned the breasts, I cut a deep pocket for the cheese, wrapped the bacon around the chicken and secured it with toothpicks. The texture of the chicken was tender, moist and juicy, the bacon melted in your mouth, the melted cheddar was sharp, while the bbq sauce was sweet. We really enjoyed this chicken dish.

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Baby Kato September 28, 2006

I thought this was good. My son didn't go crazy for it, but he ate it which speaks volumes. He hates chicken breasts. I did this lazily...I poured the bbq sauce over the chicken breast and cut bacon into pieces that would cover the breasts and laid them on top of the sauce. I baked this at 350 for 30 minutes and then turned the broiler on for about 3 minutes to crisp the bacon. I pulled it out of the oven and then sprinkled the cheese on. I think next time, I will probably leave the cheese off, as it is just additional calories and I couldn't really taste it. (I only sprinkled about 1/8 cup per breast.) Served with salad, mashed potatoes and french bread slices. I definitely over ate! Thanks!

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LifeAfter40 June 20, 2006

These were good - made for a birthday dinner for my DH and brother, major BBQ fanatics. I baked them due to the rain outside and only used 1 pc of bacon because I didn't have enough to do 2. They loved them and I liked them... A lot of the cheese ran out into the pan so I'm curious as to how they'd do on the grill. If we did these again we'd probably wait till the end to put some cheese on top instead of wrapping it up in the chicken to prevent the drips. All in all a delicious filling meal. Thanks Mooseybear!

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stacylu September 20, 2005
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