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WOW! This is a delicious bread with a special taste.
I prepared the bread exactly as describe and make "several long parallel ridges along the dough" was very easy as the alkaline wash permittet to glide easy on the dough.
I used a very cheep flour and the result were two yummy soft flat breads really different from all others.
I used a lot of wash, perhaps this helped not to dry. After baking I let the bread on the tray (not ona a grid) and I covered it with a towel until dinner (only about 20 minutes).
This recipe was very important for me as I learnt more about Persian cuisine. The different technique will be usuful in other ways for sure.
Thanks alot for posting this recipe.

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awalde January 29, 2012

This recipe proved beyond a reasonable doubt that I am not a good
baker. The dough was sticky and trying to shape it as directed was just not possible with
my limited abilities. I ended up having to use a rolling pin to stretch and flatten the dough
as best I could. The taste was fantastic however! Served with Easy Basturma Meatballs. Reviewed for NA*ME Tag/February.

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COOKGIRl February 25, 2012
Barbari (A Persian Bread)